Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Grime Studios offers monthly "lock-out" sound attenuated music rehearsal/art studios to bands and other creative arts within the Greater Portland (Maine) Area. Studios vary in size/price to meet budget needs and all are accessible 24-7 to meet any scheduling needs. 

All studios at Grime are fully fire alarmed with sprinklers and are built from non-conbustable materials (per city code).

We are currently in the process of building the 2nd floor "East Wing," aka Phase 3. 

For more info, please

Also, check out Grime via fB and IG below


Friday, July 1, 2016

Thanks to everyone who helped out in any which way they could during the relocation of Grime from Thompson's Point to Presumpscot St, be it in ways that were good, bad or ugly. 

Please be aware that the online presence for Grime will be very minimal throughout the rest of 2016.

Any inquiries can be directed to the contact info in the image below.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In the meantime...

Though this site has been getting minimal updates, A LOT of things are happening.

This page will stay up for a while, but be aware that it will eventually be phased out as get's put together, hopefully over the summer (it redirects to the gofundme page for now).

More news and updates about Grime moving from Thompson's Point to Presumpscott St can be found at the facebook page here: and the instagram page here:

HOWEVER, DO NOT EVER try to contact Grime via EITHER of these pages. CALL or EMAIL ONLY, okay? Any inquiries made via facebook or instagram will likely NEVER BE SEEN, so please try to be SEMI-old fashioned if you need to get in touch (it's not that hard).


see you soon...

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Grime Studios offers cheap/affordable band rehearsal space/art studios with 24 hour access. It exists for bands and artists of any other craft to create whatever they want, as loud as they want, whenever they want. 

Located at 27 Thompson's Point Rd, in Portland Maine (in the same building that was "Prime"), it is directly off of 295, close to downtown Portland, and is less than a 2 minute walk from the Portland Transportation Center (PTC), which offers access to the city bus, Boston/Bangor/Midcoast bus services. Amtrak also offers service to several points between Portland and Boston, as well as up to Freeport and Brunswick from the PTC. 

Grime is also located within a 5-minute drive of Buckdancer's Choice, which is generally considered to be the best music store north of Boston.

Lots of on-site parking, on-site bathroom/running water and heat (electric) included. 

As of July 2o14, there is a facebook page for Grime, which you can access here:

PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND CONTACT GRIME VIA FACEBOOK!!! The page is for promotional use only. Contact info below.

Also, GRIME WILL NOT BE CLOSING on account of the Thompson's Point development project (AKA "the Forefront"). More details on the future of Grime will be forthcoming in due time. STAY TUNED...

Please note that as of this posting (9/8/14), all monthly rooms are full. To be added to the waiting list or to book time in the daily room, please get in touch via info below.

Email: grimestudiosportland(at)gmail(dot)com
Phone: (207) 831-3621

Crual Hand video filmed at Grime by 
Jay Brown + Jim Collins
June 2013:

Bands at Grime (as of September 2o14): Superorder, Capture the Sun, Erroreon, Chaos Sauce, Five of the Eyes, Ruin, the Bed Bugz, Dead Man Ramsee, Lung, the Nuclear Bootz, Zud, If & It, Our Greatest Fear, Shut Down Brown, Dour, Phalus Uberalus, Scrotal Tear, Bunny, Haunted Cities, Dead by Now, the Never Nudes, the Wicked Woodz, Lavagina, the Fervants, Wild Cat and several others in the works. 

Stay tuned...